BS Companion


BS Tabs

Wrap your tabs nav with a bs-tabs components and let the magic happen!.

Add a responsive attribute to make your tabs collapsable to a dropdown.

home tab
profile tab

Add a linkable attribute to make your tabs linkable through anchors.

You can also have lazy loadable nodes, simply give them the lazy-loadable class and they will get a lazyload event.
NOTE: the listener need to be defined before bs-tabs is defined.

It's better to not have any active class, but they will get removed anyway (they will trigger lazy content if set).

Nested tabs are supported as long as they follow parentid__childid convention.

In order to restore the proper when submitting the a form (eg: after redirecting back), any input with the name _hash will get the current hash value

panel 1
i'm lazy
panel 2
i'm lazy

This have linkable nested tabs

nested 1
i'm lazy
nested 2
i'm lazy